Boo Ali Khan

Boo Ali Khan was a member of Cadet College Hsanabdal’s equestrian team. He joined the team in 2011 and later became vice-captain of the college riding team. His training with the horses and other activities was rigorous, and Boo learned a lot during his time there. To shut out distractions, cadets weren’t even allowed electronic devices. Boo is currently focused on his legal career, but his love of horses remains. He loves sharing his knowledge about these wonderful creatures; it provides him with another way to stay in touch with a formative part of his life. What is your experience with horses? My journey with horses began in 2009 when our father took us to a local tent pegging competition. This first encounter with the sport horses left me with a never-ending love for these magnificent creatures. When I joined my college back in 2011, I became a member of the College Equestrian Club, later rising to become the Vice-Captain of our College Riding Team. Now, while being occupied with my professional legal journey, I still take out some time now and then to keep my love alive for these beautiful creatures. What is your favorite horse breed? I have no second thoughts when it comes to my favorite breed, the Thoroughbred. These sturdy beasts always proved their mettle in every event, be it show jumping, tent pegging, polo, or escorting. Favorite memory working or riding horses? The unforgettable memory that I still cherish to this day was leading the mounted escort of the chief guest at the annual day function of your college. What is your riding style? The riding style that I am well acquainted with is the English style. Unlike other riding styles, I always felt it more elegant and graceful, which goes perfectly well with any riding event. What is your favorite riding gear? I was going to answer crop or whip. But after recalling a bad incident that led me to go through two nasal surgeries, my answer would be the riding helmet. A quality riding helmet mitigates the risks of such injuries and keeps your spirit alive even if you have a bad fall.

best saddle pommels

How to Find the Best Saddle Pommels: The Most Accessible Way to Carry Your Gear

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