We promise to share everything we know and love about horses. 

Welcome to The Horse and Stable. We offer in-depth guides on horse breeds, horse care, training, and product reviews and recommendations from real horse owners, equestrians, and animal behavior specialists to help other passionate horse owners build stronger bonds of lasting love with the greatest animal on the planet. 

About Us

We are a passionate group of horse owners.

We care about our animals. 

We know that every breed is different and each breed requires unique care. 

Each horse is an individual with their own needs for tack, care, training, and bonding.

We believe training horses takes time, patience, and resources but we’re here to help. 

Every horse is different but we do our best to share our years of experience taking care of horses with you here so you can choose the right tack for your equestrian journey. 

Honest, authentic guides to truly help horse owners led by Animal Behavior specialists and lifetime horse trainers and owners. 

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The Horse and Stable was founded by a group of passionate horse trainers and horse owners to provide reliable, detailed guides to all horse owners. We spend thousands of hours taking care of our horses and are here to share our personal experiences. We are here for other passionate horse owners. No sponsored posts.

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