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Best Horse Trailer Covers and Buying Tips

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As an experienced horse owner, I know that horse trailers don’t come cheap. They are an enormous investment, and you must take good care of them if you want them to last a long time. One way you can prolong the life of your trailer and keep it looking shiny and new is by covering it when you don’t use it. I’ve taken care of many trailers in my time, so let me tell you all about the best horse trailer covers below. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The best way to keep your trailer looking in tip-top shape is with the CalMark Horse Trailer Cover. This custom-made cover is a favorite among horse owners because it’s durable, water-resistant, and breathable. It’s ideal for sunny climates because it’s highly UV resistant and has all the features of a high-quality trailer cover, such as reinforced corners and a zipper access door.

My Top Choices at a Glance

Before we take a close look at equine trailers and their benefits, here’s a glance at my overall top choices:

  1. CalMark Custom Horse Trailer Cover – This is my favorite cover because it’s custom-made and handcrafted in the USA to your exact specifications. CalMark trailers are one of the best on the market because they fit perfectly, are super durable and UV-resistant, and come with a 6-year warranty. 
  2. ADCO Bumper Pull Trailer Cover– I love this bumper pull trailer cover from ADCO because it’s durable, long-lasting, highly breathable and UV resistant. ADCO trailer covers are incredibly popular among horse owners because of their quality and they also make covers for gooseneck trailers.
  3. Empire Premier Gooseneck Trailer Cover – This cover is my top choice for gooseneck trailers because it’s made from marine-grade polyester, which is fully breathable and weather-proof. It also has an elasticated bottom and tie-down strap to keep it securely in place during strong wind.

What is a Horse Trailer Cover?

The best way to protect your trailer and ultimately prolong its life is by using a trailer cover when it’s not in use. Trailer covers come in many sizes and are made from durable, weather-resistant, breathable materials such as polypropylene or PVC.

A good trailer cover will be UV resistant because excessive sun will fade and crack the paintwork, and it can also dry out and damage the seals, which can cause leaks. 

Horse Trailer Covers

Horse trailers are pretty big, and it’s not easy to find an indoor parking space for them. The result is that most of the time, they have constant exposure to the elements. This is bad for trailers because prolonged exposure to the wind, rain, frost and sunshine will damage them and leave them looking battered and faded.

A trailer cover will help prevent rust and rot and keep your trailer clean, so you won’t have to maintain it as much. Even if the trailer is indoors, a cover is a fantastic way to protect it from dust, dirt, and other pollutants.

Will Tarp Protect a Trailer?

Covering a trailer with a tarp and bungee cords might seem like a cheap option, but it won’t protect it as well as a purpose-made cover. Tarps usually aren’t breathable and can potentially cause mildew and rot. They are also much harder to fit and will easily rip and slip off in the wind leaving your trailer exposed to the elements. The best way to protect your trailer is with a horse trailer cover. 

How I Choose The Best Horse Trailer Covers

When I shop for a new trailer cover, there are a few important things I look out for. The main thing I look at is the size and design to ensure it fits my trailer. Next, I assess the material to see if it offers the correct protection for my climate and finally, I look out for extra features which make my life easier when I use it.  

To give you a better idea about the essential things to look out for when you choose a horse trailer cover, I’ve listed them below. 

#1 – The Size

Horse Trailer Covers

Choosing the right size cover for your trailer is essential if you want it to do a good job. Trailers come in many shapes and sizes, and you must buy one that fits your trailer. If it doesn’t fit, it won’t protect your trailer – and it might rip or blow right off in the wind. If the cover is too small, it might not even fit at all. 

Always measure your trailer before you buy a cover, each manufacturer has its own sizes, and some are custom-made. Custom-made trailer covers are pricey, but they offer the ultimate protection for your trailer and are often more durable than generic ones. 

#2 – The Type

There are two main types of horse trailers – Bumper Pull and Gooseneck trailers, and they’re very different in size and shape. Bumper pull trailers are usually smaller and more square-shaped than gooseneck trailers. Gooseneck trailers are longer and more oblong and have a distinctive gooseneck front. 

Gooseneck trailers hitch up to the flatbed of vehicles, so they have an extra part cut out at the front and need a cover to accommodate it. A gooseneck cover won’t fit a bumper pull and vice versa, so make sure you choose the right type cover for your trailer.

#3 – The Material

Horse Trailer Covers

Horse trailer covers must be heavy-duty, durable, and waterproof to protect against the sun and rain. It’s better if the material is breathable because otherwise, you might end up with mildew or rot.

Choose a cover depending on your climate – so, to protect a trailer in a hot and sunny area, look for ones with a high UV rating. In cold, wet places – look for extra durable ones to cope with ice and snow. 

Here are some of the common materials used for horse trailer covers:

  • Canvas
  • PVC
  • Woven coated acrylics
  • Polypropylene
  • Polyester

#4 – Extra Features

If you want the best from a horse trailer cover, there are some extra features to look out for, like an access door so you can get into the trailer while it’s covered. Reinforced or padded corners are also desirable to prevent the cover from ripping in a strong wind. You should also look for straps, a cinching system, or an elasticated bottom to help keep it in place. 

The Best Horse Trailer Covers on the Market

Compared to other equestrian items, the choice of horse trailer covers is pretty limited, but there are several trusted brands on the market. To help you search for the perfect trailer cover – I’ve listed my favorite ones below. They’re all durable, well-made, and come from reputable sellers. 

#1 – The Best Bumper Pull Trailer Covers

ADCO Bumper Pull Horse Trailer Cover

ADCO trailer covers are one of the top choices among horse owners in trailer protection, and this cover fits any bumper pull trailer up to 18 feet long. It’s made from fully breathable and water-resistant polypropylene and features a Triple layer Aqua-Shed Top. This cover is moderately UV resistant with a Zipper entry door and is ideal for areas with high humidity.  

I love ACDO covers because they’re durable and well-made with reinforced corners, so are less likely to rip in the wind. They also have a cinching system as well as an elasticated bottom to keep them securely in place and fit both round or V-front trailers  


  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • It’s one of the most popular equine trailer brands.
  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.


  • It’s not ideal for exceptionally sunny places because it only has a moderate UV rating.

Empire Covers ProTechtor Breathable Bumper Pull Trailer Cover

Empire Covers ProTechtor Breathable Bumper Pull Trailer Cover

The Empire ProTechtor bumper pull trailer cover is made from marine-grade polyester, so it’s incredibly tough and durable. It has a triple layer top and single layer sides and is water and UV resistant. The cover also features a zipper access door and built-in air vents to prevent mold and mildew. 

I like this cover because it’s lightweight and easy to handle, and it comes with a storage bag and a free tie-down rope to help keep it securely in place. Empire Covers also offer free shipping and a no-hassle 30-day returns policy. 


  • Quick delivery.
  • Good customer service.
  • Very durable with a 3-year warranty.    


  • It’s only moderately UV resistant.

Beverly Bay Standard Horse Trailer Cover

Beverly Bay Standard Horse Trailer Cover

The Beverly Bay standard horse trailer cover is ideal for bumper pull horse trailers between 12 and 14 feet long and comes in 5 sizes. It has a triple-layer Aqua-Shed top and durable polypropylene side panels which are UV and water resistant and breathable to help prevent mildew. 

I like the Beverly Bay cover because it’s easy to fit and has an elasticated bottom for a secure, close fit. It has a zipper access door if you need to enter the trailer while it’s covered, and it comes with a durable storage bag.


  • It comes with a storage bag.
  • It comes in 5 sizes.


  • Delivery may take 3 or 4 weeks. 

#2 – The Best Gooseneck Trailer Covers

ACDO Gooseneck Horse Trailer

ACDO Gooseneck Horse Trailer

The ACDO Gooseneck trailer cover is one of the most reliable on the market, and the company has a solid reputation for making durable covers. This gooseneck cover is highly breathable, so it’s perfect if you live in a humid climate and is moderately UV resistant. It’s also water resistant with a triple-layer Aqua-Shed top.

I love the ACDO gooseneck cover because it has a strap-cinching system at the front and rear, with reinforced buckles, elasticated bottom and straps to prevent ballooning. It’s well-made with reinforced corners and has a zipper entry door for easy access. 


  • It comes with a 2-year warranty.
  • It’s durable and long-lasting.
  • It comes with a storage bag.


  • It’s not ideal for areas with intense sunlight because it only has a moderate UV rating. 

Empire Premier Gooseneck Trailer Cover

Empire Premier Gooseneck Trailer Cover

The Empire Premier gooseneck trailer cover is made from 300 denier, marine-grade polyester, so it’s super tough and durable. It has a triple layer top and single layer sides, which are tear and UV resistant, and it’s 100 percent waterproof with DWR coating. The cover also features zipper panels for access and built-in air vents to keep it from ballooning and to prevent mold. 

The fantastic thing about this cover is that it has taped seams to help keep it sealed against moisture. It also has an elasticated bottom and a tie-down rope to help keep it securely in place, even in strong wind. 


  • It’s perfect for protection in harsh winter climates.
  • It has many positive customer reviews. 
  • It comes with a 3-year warranty and a 30-day no-hassle returns policy.


  • It’s a heavy-duty cover better suited to harsh climates. 

#3 – The Best Custom Made Horse Trailer Covers

CalMark Covers

CalMark Covers

CalMark Covers are one of the USA’s leading brands in protecting vehicles from the elements. They produce high-quality, custom-made covers for all types of horse trailers, using “Sunbrella” material. Sunbrella is an extremely UV resistant, non-abrasive woven acrylic which will effectively protect your trailer against all the elements,

I love CalMark trailer covers because they’re well-made, long-lasting, water resistant and breathable – so you won’t have a problem with mildew. They fit perfectly with a zipper access door and come with friction-reducing tie straps and a “quick and easy” tie-down system.


  • It comes with a 6-year warranty.
  • It’s easy to clean.


  • It’s one of the most expensive horse trailer covers. 

Specialized Covers UK

Specialized Covers UK

This is an outstanding equestrian trailer cover from Specialized Covers – they’re based in the UK, and each cover is tailor-made to suit your specifications. The thing that makes this cover exceptional is that the non-abrasive “torrent” material is breathable and fully waterproof as opposed to water resistant, like most trailer covers. 

The Specialized trailer cover has all the essential features you expect, such as padded corners and an access door – you can also roll the back up to help with fitting. I love that it comes in three colors, and you can choose a two-tone design at no extra cost. 


  • It’s one of the most innovative horse trailer covers on the market.
  • It’s well made and durable.
  • It comes with extendable fitting poles.
  • It comes with a storage bag made from the same breathable torrent material.


  • They’re from the UK, and shipping can take several weeks.


Question: Should I cover my horse trailer?

Answer: If you want to prolong the life of your trailer and keep it looking brand new, you should cover it when you don’t use it. A cover will protect your trailer from the elements and stop it from fading and rotting. The best way to cover your trailer is with a purpose-made horse trailer cover rather than with a tarp.

Question: Can horses sleep in a horse trailer?

Answer: Trailers aren’t designed for horses to sleep in – but it won’t hurt them for one night – 9 hours is the maximum time you should leave a horse confined to a trailer. If your horse sleeps in a trailer, make sure they have food and water and if you’ve just finished a long journey, take the horse out of the trailer for a while to let it cool down. 
You should only let your horse sleep in a trailer if they feel comfortable inside. If your horse has respiratory issues, you shouldn’t let them sleep in a trailer because being in a confined space might aggravate the condition.

Question: How do you measure a horse trailer for a cover?

Answer: If you want the best protection from a trailer cover, you must buy the correct size, so you must measure your trailer before you buy a cover. Measuring a horse trailer is pretty simple, and you can do it with a tape measure. You must measure the height, length, and width of the trailer to find out what size you need, and don’t include the hitch in the measurement. 

Question: What should I put in a horse trailer?

Answer: There are many things you can put inside a trailer to improve your and your horse’s comfort and safety and make your life easier on the road. For emergencies, you should always have a trailer jack with the correct wrench and a spare tire, a human and equine first aid kit, and a breakdown kit. Other useful things to put in your trailer include a water tank, stall fans, cameras, and trailer organizers such as tack hooks. 

My Top Choice and Conclusion

When it comes to horse trailer covers, you can’t beat the custom-made covers from CalMark. Each one is handcrafted in the USA to your exact specifications, which means they fit perfectly and are less likely to get blown off in the wind.

CalMark trailer covers are durable, well-made, breathable, and highly UV and weather resistant and will do a fantastic job of protecting your trailer over the winter. 

Horse trailers are one of the most expensive things you can buy for your horse, and they can last you many years if you take care of them correctly. The best way to keep your trailer looking good and prolong its life is with a horse trailer cover. Trailer covers may seem a little pricey, but they are a worthy investment for any horse trailer owner. 


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