Best Grooming Tote Options for Your Horse 

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When I first started looking after my mare, I was a little overwhelmed by all the grooming tools. How do you carry everything and keep it together? I wished then I had a guide to the best grooming tote options so I could buy the right grooming bag from the start (and not three bags later!). 

A grooming tote is a must-have for any horse owner or caretaker – it helps you keep all your grooming supplies together. If you’re a type-A personality like me, you want your stuff organized too! 

Luckily for you, I have created that guide with options in various price ranges and helpful tips to help you make the best decision for your needs. 

My Bottom Line Up Front 

When I picked the best grooming tote, I realized my eyes and heart chose before my brain. The WEAVER Glitter Grooming Kit in the blue glitter with blue-aqua and pink is me. They are my fave colors, and I mean, the bag’s exterior is all glittery! (#squeelfromhappiness.) 

But the tote is functional too and affordable since the tote comes with must-have grooming tools. 

My Top Picks

My grooming tote options for your horse’s grooming needs and your organizing and “keep things together” needs are: 

Detailed Buyer’s Guide for the Best Grooming Tote Options for Your Horse Supplies

You should consider more factors when buying a grooming tote for your horse other than just a bag to keep your grooming equipment. 

I’m covering grooming totes today, but other grooming storage options are: 

  • Trailer door caddy that you can keep in your trailer, tack room, or built-in storage space in your stable
  • Grooming caddy when you carry the essential grooming equipment with you 
  • Horse grooming box with or without wheels and a pull handle, or it comes in the shape of a storage step stool if you need some “help” when grooming your horse. 
  • Transparent or solid PVC bag or backpack with no compartments 

Think about the following aspects before you click “buy:” 


Most grooming totes are made from nylon, plastic or PVC, or mesh. The Nylon totes are very durable and strong, but depending on the type of mesh, they can be durable too. The mesh tote I chose is extremely durable as it’s suitable for military use. 


When grooming your horse, you need numerous grooming tools. Sure, you can just dump these in your bag, but reaching in and getting the right tool is a mission. 

Choose a bag with dividers, pockets, or compartments to keep your horse grooming tools organized and have easy access to them. 


Size is vital since the grooming tote needs to be big enough for your grooming tools, horse treats, first aid kit, and horse washing supplies. Choose a smaller tote if you mostly just need the essential grooming supplies for your trusted steed. 


Grooming totes need to be washable. After you’ve groomed your horse, dirt, dust, debris, and hair collect on the brushes, some of which accumulate in your bag. Just like you should keep your brushes clean, so should you wash your tote regularly. 

With/Without Products

Some totes come with grooming tools, while others don’t. 

If you are a newbie horse owner, consider a kit that includes the tote and tools – it’s cost-effective. If you are an experienced horse owner and have grooming tools you love, you can still opt for a bag with tools and give the tools to a newbie at your stable yard or horse boarding facility

My Criteria for Choosing the Best Grooming Totes 


When I looked at the best grooming totes (and had to make a decision regarding which one(s) I wanted), I considered: 


Not everyone has the budget for expensive grooming bags. You don’t need to spend a fortune on something that gets dirty, no matter how careful you are. Plus, if you have more than one horse, each horse should have their own tote and their own grooming tools (to prevent the disease from spreading), meaning you need budget-friendly options. 

I did look at a few nice, more expensive options if you prefer brand names or the looks of a bag over other factors. 


The grooming tote needs to work perfectly for your grooming supplies and other items you carry with you. It should have pockets or compartments for organization, so I will keep your tools organized. 


Reviews are an essential aspect when choosing a grooming tote. A high number of reviews and high star ratings means most buyers are happy with their tote, and you’ll most likely be too! 

The 7 Best Horse Grooming Tote Options 

Here are the best grooming tote options you should consider: 

1. WEAVER Glitter Grooming Kit 

WEAVER Grooming Kit

Price: $47.99-$54.95 (depending on color/design) 

When I saw the WEAVER Glitter Grooming Kit, I fell in love. The bag is a turquoise glitter color with pink edging and handles. 

To be honest, the tools that come with the tote aren’t the best quality, but they are decent enough to use. Some reviewers love them; I guess I’m just used to the grooming tools I already have. And I was looking for a bag, and this one met all my needs. 

If you are curious, the WEAVER grooming tote comes with a: 

  • Soft-bristle face brush 
  • Coarse curry brush
  • Dandy brush 
  • Mane and tail brush
  • Comb 
  • Sweat scraper 
  • Hoof pick 

I like that the grooming tote is available in various designs so you can choose a funky, bright, or more subtle bag: 

  • Blue glitter (aqua and pink)
  • Black and beige
  • Gray and pink
  • Pop art (aqua and pink with white and yellow geometric shapes)
  • Sunflower (yellow sunflowers on a checked blue, white, and gray background) 


  • Comes in 5 color options
  • Made from durable nylon 
  • Reinforced with wire, so the bag holds its shape 
  • Closes with a drawstring 
  • Plastic feet to protect the bottom of the bag 
  • Has adjustable, padded shoulder straps and webbing handles, making carrying the bag comfortable 
  • Enough space to put your helmet, lead, and halter inside if you keep most grooming brushes in the outside pockets 


  • Grooming tools aren’t the best quality, but they are decent 
  • Hoof pick doesn’t have bristles, which would be handy 
  • No zippered pocket inside the bag, so you can’t hide cash, cards, or your phone 

2. Equi-Essentials Super Groomer Organizer 

Groomer Organizer 

Price: $19.96-$35.99 (depending on size) 

I like that the Equi-Essentials Super Groomer Organizer comes in 4 solid color options: green, purple, pink, and blue. 

You can hand-carry the grooming tote or carry it over your shoulder. And I also appreciate that the shoulder strap is removable because, let’s just face it, those kinds of straps are sometimes just in the way or drag and get dirty. 

The tote also has enough space to keep all your grooming tools. The interior is roomy, so you can store your fly spray, braiding supplies, and other grooming accessories. Secure the outside pockets with the bungee cord. Then you don’t have to worry about anything falling out when you walk over uneven or rough terrain. 


  • Made from heavy-duty water-resistant nylon
  • Nylon straps are reinforced for added security 
  • 6 exterior accessory pockets 
  • Drawstring closure for the bag interior 
  • Has feet at the bottom of the tote to keep the tote stable and to protect it 
  • Affordable, so you can get one grooming tote per horse 


  • The outside pockets could have been deeper to accommodate larger brushes 
  • Nylon top to close the bag isn’t great quality; reviewers report it rips easily, so be careful when closing the bag and don’t overfill it 

3. Noble Equestrian EquinEssential Tote 

caddy bag

Price: $54.95

Another great option is the Noble Equestrian EquinEssential Tote. I actually like that there is no interior compartment that can close with a drawstring and that the tote looks more like a caddy (but an upmarket caddy). I can easily take out the grooming tool I need, put it back, and get the next one. 

The tote is black, and there are 4 options for the edging and handles: 

  • Deep turquoise (my favorite) 
  • Dragon fruit (like a hot pink) 
  • Merlot (brownish burgundy) 
  • Beige (but the color is black on the options list) 


  • Made from durable, water-repellent 600 denier polyester canvas 
  • Has a hard shell plastic interior and heavy-duty mesh bottom, so dirt particles don’t collect in the bottom of your bag
  • Has a heavy-duty Duraflex quick clip so you can hang the tote
  • Easy to carry with the removable shoulder strap 
  • Many compartments, dividers, and pockets to keep your grooming tools organized 
  • Easy to clean; simply wipe or hose it when empty and let it air dry 


  • Pricey 
  • Not easy to hook up the dividers 

4. Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package 

Great Grip 8Pc Grooming Package

Price: $47.49

The Tough 1 Great Grip Grooming Package features an open-top design, and you get ergonomically designed grooming tools too. This makes the grooming kit perfect for newbie horse owners or if you lease a horse. 

The tote and supplies are available in 6 color options: 

  • Red 
  • Blue 
  • Hunter green
  • Neon green 
  • Purple 
  • Pink

If you are wondering what 7 grooming tools you get, they are:

  • Stiff brush 
  • Finishing brush 
  • Mane and tail brush 
  • Comb 
  • Curry brush 
  • Hoof pick 
  • Sweat scraper 

I wish the tote also came in a dark gray option for those horse owners who want a more classic grooming bag and supplies. 


  • Tote is made from tough nylon, so it’s durable. 
  • Has carry handles and a clip strap to hang the tote 
  • Has inside compartments or pockets to keep your grooming tack organized 
  • Tools are decent in quality 


  • No shoulder strap on the tote 
  • No feet on the bottom of the tote 
  • Hoof pick doesn’t have a brush 

5. Derby Premium Comfort Horse Grooming Kit 


The Derby Premium Comfort Horse Grooming Kit is two-toned – both the tote and the grooming tools that are included. 

I like that the kit is available in 8 color options, so you can choose a combo you love (or buy different colored totes and tools if you have more than one horse): 

  • Pink/purple
  • Blue/yellow 
  • Turquoise/lime green
  • Hot pink/pink
  • Gray/black 
  • Green/mint 
  • Purple/lavender 
  • Light blue/royal blue 

You get 8 grooming tools in the kit: 

  • Bathing sponge 
  • Sweat scraper 
  • Hoof pick 
  • Curry comb 
  • Soft brush 
  • Dandy brush 
  • Mane and tail comb and brush 


  • Ideal kit for a beginner horse rider 
  • Tote is made from nylon 
  • Can hand-carry or shoulder-carry the tote (plus the shoulder straps are adjustable and removable) 
  • Decent quality tools with a comfort grip 
  • Tote has exterior pockets for quick and easy grooming tool access 
  • Easy to clean the tote; wipe it down or hose it 
  • Has a zip so you can close the tote 


  • Hoof pick doesn’t have a brush 
  • Brush handles may be better suited for children or small adult hands 

6. Lohkko Horse Grooming Kit 

Lohkko Horse Grooming Kit

The Lohkko Horse Grooming Kit is another beginner-friendly option with the grooming tote and tools. The tote and 6 tools come in purple (burgundy) or blue options; the straps and edging are black. 

I like that the tote has padded and webbed carry handles, a drawstring closure, protective feet, an adjustable shoulder strap, and 6 exterior pockets. I’d keep my mask and sanitizer in one pocket and a water bottle in the other. 

There’s also ample room on the inside of the bag to keep your horse towels, fly spray, and other grooming accessories stored there. 

The tools that are included in this kit are a: 

  • Finishing brush 
  • Dandy brush 
  • Comb 
  • Sweat scraper 
  • Mane and tail brush 
  • Hoof pick 


  • Tote is made from nylon, so it’s durable 
  • Shoulder straps are adjustable 
  • Grooming tools are good quality 
  • Can carry the tote by hand or on your shoulder 


  • A curry comb isn’t included 
  • Inside pockets or a zippered pocket would have been nice 

7. Simple Things Heavy Duty Mesh Shower Bag Caddy 

My fellow horse owners know that we have to get real creative sometimes and cut corners (#$$$) where we can so we can buy enough hay for our horses and ensure our animal besties are well looked after. In that spirit, I decided to add a creative grooming tote option to my list. The Simple Things Heavy Duty Mesh Shower Bag Caddy isn’t marketed as a horse grooming bag, but would you know if no one told you? 

I wouldn’t. I love this VERY affordable mesh grooming tote (aka shower caddy, but shhh – don’t share my secret). It comes in a variety of colors – the mesh on each tote is black, but the trim and handles are different colors. 

I have a few of these for the horses I help groom, each in a different color, so I know my mare’s tote is pink, my sister’s horses’ totes are purple, blue, and gray, and my friend’s tote is striped (white and black). I keep my WEAVER tote for when I travel for shows and eventing (in case you wondered). 


  • Durable and strong; made from high-quality, thick PVC mesh and 420 denier oxford material.
  • Affordable, so you can buy one for each horse 
  • Comes in 8 color options 
  • Has 2 strong, reinforced handles, making me feel comfortable carrying the bags with my tools 
  • Has 2 drawstring side pockets and 9 exterior pockets, perfect for all the brushes 
  • Super easy to wash 


  • Depending on how many grooming supplies you need, the caddy tote may be a bit small – I recommend using this tote for the grooming essentials (and some horse treats) 
  • Doesn’t hold shape as a Nylon tote does 


Question: What is a horse grooming tote? 

Answer: A horse grooming tote is a bag, usually made of mesh, nylon, or plastic, in which you can keep your horse grooming tools and products. The tote also has shoulder straps, so you can hand-carry or shoulder-carry the tote. 

Question: Why do you need a grooming tote for your horse? 

Answer: The grooming tote for your horse keeps all of your grooming tools neat, organized, and together. Plus, with everything in one place, it’s easy to travel with your horse to shows and know all your grooming stuff is in the tote. Or, when you have more than one horse to groom, you can easily lug or carry the tote from one stable to the next until you are done grooming and store it in your tack room or car (aka mobile tack room). 

Question: What do you store in your equine grooming tote? 

Answer: There are various grooming and related tools you need in your grooming tote for your horse: 
• Curry comb: Has soft rubber nubs or teeth to help loosen shedding hair and debris from your horse’s coat; also stimulates your horse’s muscles and skin (like a gentle massage) 
• Stiff brush or dandy brush: Has stiff bristles to remove dried mud off horse legs and hooves, and the brush removes dirt and helps with shedding hair that isn’t easily removed with a curry comb. 
• Soft brush: Also called a body brush or finishing brush; has soft bristles to smooth out horse hair, add shine to your horse’s coat, and remove fine dirt and dust particles 
• Hoof pick: Picks out the manure, dirt, stones, and dried mud from your horse’s hooves to keep their feet healthy and so you can identify if there’s a problem with their hooves early on. 
Mane and tail comb: Like a paddle-style hairbrush, used to brush out tangles in your horse’s mane and tail
• Elastic bands: Small-size elastic bands to use when braiding the horse’s mane
• Sweat scraper: Removes excess water or sweat from your horse’s coat
• Stable rubber: When dampened, use it to give your horse’s coat a nice “polish,” or use it to absorb sweat after riding or excess water after washing your equine 
• Shedding blade: Ideal for shedding season; helps remove loose hair with its tiny metal teeth 
• Bot knife: A curved knife with a toothed edge to remove the yellow bot fly eggs from horses’ coats
• Sponge: To wash your horse and aid in applying shampoo 
• Fly spray: Helps to keep flies at bay to ensure the flies don’t annoy or bite your horse 
“Normal” horse shampoo: Less foamy than regular people shampoo to rinse off easily when you wash your horse 
• Dry shampoo: The kind specially formulated for horses; used to get rid of urine and manure stains on your horse’s coat 
Conditioner (leave-in or spray type): Used to keep your horse’s tail free from tangles, and it conditions the tail hair to prevent hair breakage and loss when you brush 
• Detangler: Should be silicone-based or use a shine product to keep your horse’s mane and tail slick and tangle-free 
• Grooming gloves: Gloves with rubber nubs on the palm-side so you can groom your horse, especially useful if you have arthritis or carpal tunnel syndrome and struggle to hold a grooming brush or curry comb 
• Thick washcloths or rub rags: To remove stains from your horse’s coat, clean your equine’s nose and ears, and give your horse a wipe down when necessary 
• First aid kit: To treat wounds; include an antiseptic ointment, wound spray, eye ointment, and a separate kit bag to place bandages, syringes, needles, and scissors in.

My Final Thoughts on the Best Horse Grooming Tote Options 

The grooming tools you choose are just as important as the grooming tote. You need a bag to store your tools and other accessories, and the right tote should be up for the job. Remember to keep the size, material, compartments, washability, and price in mind when choosing the best grooming tote option! 

I adore the WEAVER Glitter Grooming Kit when I travel and attend shows with my trusty steed. But around the barn and for everyday use, the Simple Things Heavy Duty Mesh Shower Bag Caddy is my groomin’ bestie! Are you a newbie horse owner? Want to learn more about owning a horse? Then check out our horse ownership guide for more info.

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