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Best Fly Sheets for Horses Guide

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Flies and other insects can be pesky little bugs, especially for horses who can’t move indoors at will, use their hands to swat flies away, and move their fingers to scratch where it itches. Your horse can use their tail to help rid them of flies, but a tail swat only helps so much. That’s why you need to know what are the best fly sheets for horses, and this guide’s got you (and your horse) covered.

My Moonshine has a light coat, so a fly sheet also helps protect her from sunburn and prevent her from developing skin cancer.

A fly sheet can do the same for horses with dark coats by offering UV protection and preventing coat bleaching. And if your horse is allergic to insect bites, like my Moonshine, these sheets are a godsend for your equine bestie.

Fly sheets come in all shapes, colors, and sizes, so here are the best fly sheets you should consider for your steed.

fly sheet for horse

Bottom Line Up Front: What Are the Best Fly Sheets for Horses?

The best horse fly sheets fit well and cover most of your horse’s body, are breathable and durable, are made from UV-ray and heat-reflecting colors, and are washable.

Best For Product  Key Features
Best Overall Horse Fly Sheet  Mosquito Mesh Adjusta-Fit® Fly Sheets
  • Available for ponies and draft horses (68” to 94”) 
  • Four fit options so you can find the best fly protection for your horse 
Best Budget Fly Sheet  Amigo Mio Combo Fly Sheet 
  • Lightweight, breathable, and easy to store  
  • Comes with a hood and large tail flap for extra protection  
Best Fly Sheet for Durability  Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet 
  • Euro size fit to fit most horses  
  • Comes with adjustable leg straps, a large tail cover, an open-front design, and belly band or surcingle closures  
Best Fly Sheet for UV Protection  Signature Protective Sheet SureFit® with Lifetime Guarantee
  • 7 color patterned design options    
  • Lifetime guarantee 
Best Zebra Print Fly Sheet  Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet with High Neck
  • 80% UV protection 
  • Magnetic lock with a padded T-lock to keep the fly sheet in place  
Best Fly Sheet for Sensitive Skin  Shires Sweet-Itch Combo 
  • Ideal for horses with sensitive skin and those suffering from sweet itch  
  • 90% UV protection 
Best Fly Sheet for Miniature Horses  Rambo Petite Hoody
  • Looks like a superhero cape on mini horses  
  • Comes with a neck and ear cover  
Best Fly Sheet for Large Horses  Horseware® Amigo® XL Bug Rug Fly Sheet
  • Hood is detachable  
  • Offers greater freedom of movement for gentle giants  

How to Choose the Best Fly Sheets for Horses: My Selection Criteria

I’ve made my fair share of mistakes regarding fly sheets for Moonshine. While thin material is breathable, it doesn’t last long, and there goes my 50 to 80 bucks.

Dark colors look good on my red dun horse, but light colors keep Moonshine cooler in the summer and help camouflage my horse from some bugs. A zebra-stripe print is cute and confuses flies because of the pattern.

So learning from my mistakes, here are the best selection criteria to choose the best fly sheet for your horse:

  • I accommodated all budgets and included a best-budget buy option.
  • I included variety, from size to style and brand, so you can find a fly sheet that fits your horse best.
  • The fly sheets are available at your nearest tack shop or popular online shops.

The 8 Best Fly Sheets for Horses

Here are the best fly sheets for horses:

1. Mosquito Mesh Adjusta-Fit Fly Sheet

mosquito mesh adjusta-fit fly sheet

The best overall fly sheet for your horse is the Mosquito Mesh Adjusta-Fit Fly Sheet. It offers insect protection from small to medium-sized bugs, such as gnats, midges, stable and deer flies, and mosquitoes. The fly sheet will also prevent larger insects like greenhead flies and horse flies from feasting on your horse.

Key Features 

Available Sizes  For horses: 68” to 84” 

For draft horses: 84” to 94”

Colors  Light blue 
Fabric  350D nylon mesh 
Warranty 2 years 


  • A 60% UV protection rating
  • Sure to find the best fly sheet for your horse with four available fits (Cutback Wither, VTEK® Wither Relief, V-Free® Wither Relief, and Attached Neck V-Free® Wither Relief with Adjusta-Fit® system) and with almost no rubbing at the withers
  • Customize the fly sheet with a belly band, surcingle, open front, and closed front options
  • Extra-long tail cover and the included leg straps (adjustable from 20” to 38”) keep the fly sheet in place
  • Great airflow with the “window screen” nylon mesh


  • It’s pricey with this fly sheet for horses ranging between $157.99 and $284.99 and for draft horses at $274.99 (without discount)
  • Only available in one color, so if you have more than one horse, they’ll have to be matchies

What I Like about It

I adore the nighttime visibility the reflective patches offer, so I can easily spot my horses when it’s dark. The Mosquito Mesh Fly Mask with Ears and the Mosquito Mesh Fitted Fly Boots ensure the same quality from the same brand and the best ultimate protection for Moonshine.

2. Amigo Mio Combo Fly Sheet

amigo mio combo fly sheet

For a budget option, I like the Amigo Mio Combo Fly Sheet. It’s well-rated and often available at a discount from, so you can save more (and buy your horse some treats).

Key Features 

Available Sizes  54” to 84” 
Colors  Bronze with dark red trimmings 
Fabric  210T polyester lining 
Warranty N/A 


  • Affordable; costs $79.95 to $84.95 depending on the size
  • 60% UV protection
  • Very lightweight, making it easy to store
  • Highly breathable, so your horse won’t sweat while wearing the fly sheet (even when it’s scorching)
  • Longer tail flap to prevent insects from getting to the sensitive under-tail area


  • Best to hand wash and not machine wash because the flysheet is so light
  • The sheet is upsized, so consider choosing a smaller size for your horse
  • The hood is not removable

What I Like about It

I liked the leg arches to help keep the sheet in place even when Moonshine rolls in the pasture and moves around. The soft-knitted polyester also worked well for Moonshine since she’s comfortable and can focus on grazing and not trying to get out of her fly sheet.

3. Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet

ripstop nylon mesh fly sheet 

For a durable option, consider the Ripstop Nylon Mesh Fly Sheet. It comes with adjustable leg straps, a large tail cover, and an improved gusset so your horse can move and the fly sheet stays in place.

Key Features 

Available Sizes  66” to 86” 
Colors  White and reflective with trims in three colors (turquoise, orange, and purple) 
Fabric  300D reflective nylon and 70D nylon for the shoulder and chest area 
Warranty None 


  • 65% UV protection
  • True to size Euro fit, making it easy to find a fly sheet size for you your horse (once you’ve measured, of course)
  • Great airflow because of the mesh
  • Open-front design with the front snaps ensures you can easily take the fly sheet off and put it on, and they’re adjustable for a snug fit
  • Can opt for a belly band or criss-cross surcingle closure option


  • Pricey (but worth it) at $159.99 to $171.99 (without a discount)

What I Like about It

The fly sheet doesn’t have a back seam, so Moonshine felt extra comfy, and there could be no rubbing. I love that I can dump the fly sheet in my washing machine on a gentle cycle with unscented detergent and air dry a clean sheet for Moonshine.

4. Signature Protective Sheet SureFit® with Lifetime Guarantee

signature protective sheet surefit® with lifetime guarantee

Get the Signature Protective Sheet SureFit® with Lifetime Guarantee from Kensington for the best UV protection.

Plus, you can use the fly sheet over your horse’s winter turnout during the winter months (even when it snows) – the snow will melt off, and the sheet will protect your winter blanket (#Win-Win).

Key Features 

Available Sizes  69” to 84”
Colors  7 options: deluxe black, Kentucky blue, lavender mint, desert sand, imperial jade, Atlantis, blue ice 
Fabric  1000 x 2000 denier textilene 
Warranty A whole lifetime 


  • Can withstand fading, fire, soiling, mildew, and rough wear and tear, making it super durable
  • 73% UV protection, so it’s a better option to protect your horse from harsh UV rays
  • 78% breathability
  • Stays clean since the textilene brushes your horse’s coat as they move, so dirt and poop don’t stick to it, making it a must for mud magnets (and any horse, really)
  • Patterned so flies and other insects are confused and won’t land on your horse


  • Expensive, but considering it’s the best in insect protection and comes with a lifetime guarantee, it’s a must
  • Needs to be hand washed in cold water and with a mild detergent and then air dried

What I Like about It

I love the removable tail flap, criss-cross surcingles, and back leg straps, so I can customize the fly sheet for Moonshine when needed. Plus, the colors are super cute, and I can pair the fly sheet with a matching fly mask (90% UV protection), fly boots, tail cover, and even a halter.

5. Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet With High Neck

bucas buzz-off zebra fly sheet with high neck

On the subject of printed fly sheets, the best zebra-print is the Bucas Buzz-Off Zebra Fly Sheet With a High Neck. It has high UV protection to protect your light-skinned horse and prevent bleaching for darker horses.

Key Features

Available Sizes  66” to 86” 
Colors  Zebra stripes (black and white) 
Fabric  1000D polyester mesh 
Warranty N/A 


  • Magnetic lock with a padded T-lock helps keep the fly sheet in place and secure
  • 80% UV protection
  • Elastic leg straps
  • Belly band is detachable
  • Patterned fly sheet offers great protection against biting insects, so they can literally buzz-off


  • Expensive
  • Can’t remove the neck part

What I Like about It

I like the neck darts on the fly sheet to offer a better fit in the shoulder area. The zebra-patterned fly sheet also looks good on any horse.

6. Shires Sweet-Itch Combo

shires sweet-itch combo

Sweet itch can affect any horse, so I love that I can buy a specific fly sheet when my horse has an allergic reaction to insect bites.The Shires Sweet-Itch Combo fly sheet is an excellent option, whether or not your horse has sensitive skin and bite allergies.

Key Features 

Available Sizes  57” to 84”
Colors  White with teal and navy or navy and mustard trims 
Fabric  600D ripstop nylon 
Warranty N/A 


  • Breathable, durable, and lightweight
  • Comes with an integrated stretch ear and neck panel
  • 90% UV protection
  • Optional belly band for more protection
  • Can be machine washed with a non-detergent soap


  • Can’t remove the neck and ear panel
  • Limited color options and white dirties too quickly, especially if you have a mud magnet for an equine bestie
  • Seems the fly sheets are up-sized, so order a size or two smaller for a better fit

What I Like about It

The fly sheet offers suitable protection against biting insects, and the sheet is lightweight with anti-rub linings to not irritate Moonshine’s sensitive skin.

7. Rambo Petite Hoody

rambo petite hoody

If you have a miniature horse, you need a fly sheet specially made for these mini ponies. The Rambo Petite Hoody is super cute and offers great insect bite and UV protection.

Key Features 

Available Sizes  33” to 48” 
Colors  Sand (whitish) with cherry, peach, and blue trims 
Fabric  1000D polyester outer with a smooth polyester lining for the shoulder, mane, and tail flap 
Warranty N/A 


  • Dual leg arches, three straight surcingles, and Velcro overlaps help keep the fly sheet in place when your mini horse grazes and plays in the pasture
  • Super-sized tail flap
  • Integrated neck and ear cover
  • 90% UV protection


  • Pricey considering it’s for a mini horse
  • Can’t remove the neck and ear cover for a more customized fit

What I Like about It

I love that the hoody fly sheet resembles a superhero cape on my friend’s miniature horse. The high UV protection rating is a bonus, as is the complete coverage from ear to tail.

8. Horseware® Amigo® XL Bug Rug Fly Sheet 

horseware amigo xl bug rug fly sheet 

Buying horse accessories is difficult if you have a giant horse. You can get this Horseware Amigo XL Bed Bug Fly Sheet to protect your gentle giant.

Key Features 

Available Sizes  69” to 90” 
Colors  Icy blue/silver with dark purple trims 
Fabric  Knitted polyester 
Warranty 1 year 


  • Reasonably priced at $169.99
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • 65% UV protection
  • With the leg arches, 20% deeper neck opening, and 20% deeper cut from the back center to the bottom, your horse has more freedom of movement while the sheet stays in place
  • Detachable hood
  • Can brush off excess dirt, hose the fly sheet, or machine wash with cold water


  • Not ideal for thoroughbreds because the belly straps are too large
  • Velcro closures can cause piling if you don’t match the Velcro top and bottom well

What I Like about It

I like the lining by the shoulder and mane to ensure the fly sheet doesn’t rub. It’s also lightweight, so putting it on a large horse is easy.

Horse Fly Sheet Tips

horse fly sheet

When buying and using horse fly sheets, keep these tips in mind:

  • Measure your horse before you start looking at fly sheets so you can narrow down your options and ensure a good fit. Also, check out what reviewers say about the size since you sometimes need to up or downsize for a better fit.
  • Generally, I wash my fly sheet in the washing machine, let it air dry, or give it a quick hose down. But always check the washing instructions.
  • I use fly spray and a fly mask with the fly sheet for optimal insect protection.
  • If your horse has sweet itch or a skin sensitivity, it’s best to get a fly sheet with a hood and extensive belly cover. The fly sheet should also wrap around the top of the horse’s legs to ensure no fly can climb in.
  • See what fly sheet accessories are available (depending on the design and brand) and if your horse needs extra protection. Extras include belly guards or belly bands, tail covers, extended necks, hoods, or neck rugs. You can also buy turnout leg wraps.
  • Opt for a fly rug to help keep your horse warm when it’s cold.


Question: Do fly sheets really help horses?

Answer: Fly sheets are a must if bugs really irritate your horse when they excessively swat with their tails, stomp their hooves, pace, or run into fence lines. Use a fly sheet if your horse has sensitive skin, is prone to sunburn or coat bleaching, and if they’re allergic to insect bites.

Question: What are the most important qualities of a good fly sheet for a horse?

Answer: The most important qualities to look for in a good fly sheet are:
Size: Is this the right one for your horse so the fly sheet fits well?
Color: Light colors and zebra patterns are best.
Durability: Look for interlocking mesh, dart lines, and durable fabric options.
Breathability: Your horse shouldn’t overheat with the fly sheet on, so the fabric (like mesh) needs to breathe well.
Lightweight vs. heavier fabric: Lightweight fly sheets are best for sun protection, while heavier fabric offers more protection.
Coverage: Does the fly sheet only cover your horse’s back and side, or does it offer tail, neck, and belly protection too?
Features: UV protection and unique fly sheet technology (CamoFly patterns, No-Fly Zone tech, self-repairing or Flybuster fly sheets, eco-friendly fabric, or waterproofness).
Washability: Easy care instructions are best.

Question: How do I know my horse needs a fly sheet?

Answer: Your horse needs a fly sheet and other fly protection like a fly mask and fly spray when they are very bothered by the flies in your area. You’ll see your horse swish their tail and stamp their hooves to get flies and other biting bugs away from them.

Final Thoughts About the Best Fly Sheets for Horses

Help your horse say, “Shoo fly, don’t bother me,” with the best fly sheet. While a fly sheet can’t 100% guarantee that your horse won’t get bitten, it does decrease the chances of your horse suffering from insect bites and allergic reactions.

Your horse will be calmer in their stable or during turnout with a well-fitted fly sheet, and they can then focus on what horses do best: graze, socialize, roll, and run.

Here are the best fly sprays to offer more fly protection for your steed.

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