Denine Walters

Denine has loved horses since she was a child and fondly remembers riding a horse next to the Zambezi River during sunset. She now takes riding lessons to further her knowledge and love for horses. As a content writer of over six years, she also loves sharing her knowledge on Horse and Stable!

can horses eat grapes

Can Horses Eat Grapes

Horses eat more than hay, feed, and grazing. You can keep things interesting for your equine bestie by including fruit, vegetables, nuts, and seeds to ensure your horse enjoys a balanced diet. There’s no shame if you wonder whether horses can eat grapes, among other human foods.  My horse, Moonshine, loves the sweet things in

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can horses eat strawberries

Can Horses Eat Strawberries

There’s no debate about whether strawberries are delicious, but since a horse’s digestive system is sensitive, it makes sense to wonder, “Can horses eat strawberries?” Like us humans, horses have a sweet tooth. But they don’t need sugary treats like strawberries for energy. However, there are benefits to eating strawberries (even for horses).  I sometimes

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