Talitha vanNiekerk

Talitha decided to adopt an unbacked pony in her 20s, and everything in her life changed. Her love for horses grew, and soon she found herself a manager of a public stable yard overseeing the care of 80 horses. She absolutely loves everything about taking care of these majestic creatures and making sure it’s done humanly and with love. Talitha has years of experience as a freelance writer and loves writing about horses for various publications. Lending her experience and knowledge to Horse and Stable comes naturally, and she loves helping you find the information and products you need. What is your experience with horses? In my late twenties, I took the plunge and bought a completely unbacked horse, my first ever, and undertook to train her myself using only humane methods. And that’s where the adventure of a lifetime began that has since seen me become the manager of a public stable yard with over 80 horses in my care. What is your favorite horse breed? I have a soft spot for mixed-breed ponies, but I can’t help but turn my head whenever a Friesian horse trots past me. Favorite memory working or riding horses? My best memory is of sitting next to my mare in camp one frozen winter morning, and on impulse, I decided to sit on her back where she was snoozing. We sat like that for about five minutes, and then she got up with me still on her back. It was magical. What is your riding style? I am mostly a trail rider, but I’ve done some endurance riding and also dressage. What is your favorite riding gear? My personal favorite has become my air vest since I had a bad fall that damaged my back. I’ve found my vest a huge confidence booster, and it’s an investment in my riding future.

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