Maddy Chiffey

Maddy has been riding horses since she was a child. She started attending riding classes with a friend a quickly fell in love with the animals and the sport. She would go on to compete in eventing before becoming a trainer and instructor. Now Maddy has several horses that she trains, but her biggest joy is seeing the ex-racehorses she re-trains find a loving home where they can enjoy their retirement in peace with plenty of love. Maddy’s love of horses runs deep, and as a freelance writer with years of experience, she loves being able to showcase that love in her articles while helping you find what you are looking for. What is your experience with horses? My experience with horses started at a young age attending weekly dressage lessons with a school friend. Before I knew it, I was hooked and pestering my parents for a pony of my own. I was lucky enough to be granted that wish, first having a lovely dapple grey Arabian pony named ‘Nirvan,’ followed by a superstar thoroughbred jumper named ‘Tiggy.’ My involvement in the space hasn’t stopped as I have gotten older. I now have several horses, including a young Warmblood, who I am training up as an eventer, and I also work to retrain ex-racehorses once they come off the track. This work is important to me as I get great joy out of seeing these animals re-trained and rehomed rather than being sent to the abattoir – which is sadly where they’d have ended up if we didn’t intervene. What is your favorite horse breed? That is such a hard question. But if I had to give you 1, it would be a quarter horse. They’re so gentle in nature, versatile, speedy, and agile, not to mention very loyal and affectionate. They’re also great for riders of all ages and abilities and super easy to train. Favorite memory working or riding horses? The companionship and the tranquillity that comes with owning, riding, and caring for these beautiful creatures. I truly believe it is therapy for the mind, body, and soul. What is your riding style? English What is your favorite riding gear? My Ariat high boots. They’re worth every dollar! Other brands I love for me as a rider include; Equestrian Stockholm, PS of Sweden, Lara Tweedie, and Cavalleria Toscana.

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